Underground Water Leak Detection

If you have reason to believe that there is a leak in your property but are unable to identify where the leak is coming from then it is time to call in the professionals. Most companies involved in water mains repairs will have specialist, sometimes infra-red detection equipment to identify just where a leak is coming from. Many companies who deal with leak detection will identify gas and oil leaks as well as water leaks.

Water leak detection, as we know it today, emerged during the nineteen seventies at about the same time as computers were starting to be born. These days there are different types of leak detection equipment that a professional might use, depending on the conditions of a site. Electronic listening devices can be used to detect underground leaks and mark the area where repair is needed.

The tracer gas techniques involve passing gas over the water main that is leaking and this registers exactly where the leak is located. Once a leak has been located it is easier to determine what equipment will be needed to fix the problem. The LNC leak noise correlation system involves placing sensors at each end of where the suspected leak might be coming from. The system can calibrate the size of the pipe and its material and then pinpoint the actual origin of the leak and display the leak on screen.

Detecting leaks and dealing with them is a specialist business, knowing where the leak is makes accessing it and repairing it much easier. However, there are some things that you can do while you are waiting for the professionals to arrive. Check all of your taps and any pipes that are above ground if you cannot establish where the leak is but you are still getting water everywhere then turn it off at the mains and wait for the professionals to arrive.

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