Green Home Roundup – Improve Your Home and Save Energy – April 2013

Welcome to the first round up here on the Clearfirst Burst Water Mains blog, we’ll be bringing you regular updates from the world of home improvement, the environment and property.

Including a range of news related articles and other helpful posts.

This month we’ve got everything from jungles, swimming pools and heat pumps to saving energy and making your home stand out.





Home Improvement


3D-Printed Aqueduct Planters Have a Built-in Trickle-Down Irrigation System

The potential of 3D printing is simply amazing and it’s only going to get better. Here Evan Gant shares an example of what can be done with 3D printing right now.


Increase the Efficiency of Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps are the way that heating should be done and they make a big difference to heating efficiency on their own.

In this post Lewis MacNulty shares how you can get even more out of your heat pump – it turns out it’s actually a lot easier than I first expected.


Taming The Jungle 2013: Offensive Manuevers

DIY blogs don’t get much better than DIY Diva, the goal was to tame the insane fields that have rapidly grown into a jungle – find out how it went here.


Conservatories and orangeries for inspirational swimming pools

Anglian do some great work for their customers and their blog is just as good!

This is perfect to get some inspiration for a new project in your home, well that’s if you have the room because some of these swimming pools are huge.

They’re all indoors, one is even features a bed surrounded by water.

Words really can’t do this justice – this article is pure inspiration for the home at its finest.


The Environment


Masdar poised to invest £1bn with UK Green Investment Bank

The UK Green Investment Bank is currently more of a fund than anything but will this investment make a difference moving forward? Let us know in the comments.


First power from EDF’s Teesside

This is great news – power is now flowing to the grid here in the UK from a new offshore wind farm thanks to the EDF Energy Renewables team.

3 of 27 turbines are currently online and the rest are reported to be coming online by the end of June 2013.


Why only focusing on water’s current cost is a mistake

A very interesting article by Will Sarni on the way we look at water, the value, the costs and risks involved.




Protect Yourself from Difficult Tenants

If you rent out your property tenants can either be angels, and not cause you any bother at all or they can be VERY difficult and cause you all sorts of problems, damage your property and end up just costing you.

In this post you’ll find some helpful tips in dealing with these difficult tenants.


Energy suppliers accused of ‘cold-blooded profiteering’

I was expecting something like this to appear at some stage, it’s all about how the Fuel Poverty Action group has accused the main UK energy suppliers of cold-blooded profiteering.

Ofgem reported that profit margins for the big 6 energy suppliers in the UK have doubled in the last 18th months.

Some great coverage from Nicola Severn.


Over to you…

How was this week for you?

Do you have any new projects planned for around the home?



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