Nottingham Underground Water Main Repair Services

Clearfirst have become a reputable plumbing company around many areas, including Nottingham, and we have provided high quality services for over a decade. Our reliable and effective services have been created with the help of our relationship with water companies and local water authorities operating in Nottingham and the surrounding area, such as Severn Trent. We aim to take the problem out of your hands and leave nothing to chance.


Nottingham Water Pipe Repair Services


A large number of insurance companies and housing associations in Nottingham and the surrounding area call us to help them with plumbing problems because of the brilliant service we provide and the reputation we have built up of the past decade. Call now on 0800 138 44 80 for a free quote and to find out how we can help.

If you live outside Nottingham that’s not a problem as we offer our water main replacement services throughout Derby, Leicester, Lincolnshire and the rest of the East Midlands.

What if you have a burst water main or think you have a leak and don’t live in Nottingham or the East Midlands area but you live in the Yorkshire or Warwickshire areas? We can help there too! Call us on 0800 138 44 80.

Our qualified and experienced experts are willing to handle any plumbing problem you may incur. There are a number of things that can go wrong with plumbing, for example you could have a leak or your water mains could burst, so you need to call a plumbing company that knows what they are doing. The Clearfirst plumbers are there to help whenever you need them and they are fully equipped with a variety of technology, for example infra-red detection and Trenchless Technology.

Nottingham is famous for its association with the legendary figure of Robin Hood, and is situated in the East Midlands area of England. The history of Nottingham dates back to the seventh century, although it’s possible that there was some kind of Roman settlement before that. Nottingham was known for its growing export business in religious artefacts during the fifteenth century. The area gained self government by 1549 and was a corporate county.

Nottingham received city status by Royal charter in 1897 during the reign of Queen Victoria. Nottingham and the wider area have a population of just under three quarters of a million, making it the eighth largest of the urbanised areas in the UK. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Nottingham played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution, and was famous for its lace making, bicycle and tobacco industries. Success in lace making meant that Nottingham was regarded as one of the leading lights of the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution. In the early nineteenth century however, the lack of coherent planning by those in charge, meant that the town became known for some of the worst slum housing outside India.

In 1835 the area was reformed under the Municipal Corporations Act and further expanded in 1877 under the Local Government Act of 1888 it became a county borough, leading up to its eventual city charter. There are many different architectural styles and buildings in Nottingham, some of which date back as far as the eleventh century.

Modern day Nottingham has a varied mix of local authority, housing association and owner occupied accommodation. Lace making is no longer the pivotal part of Nottingham’s economy that it once was, and much of the city’s revenue is derived from its tourist industry. The legend of Robin Hood and the Sherriff of Nottingham attracts visitors from all over the world to see the castle and the inn where Robin is reputed to have drunk. Shopping is good and plentiful in Nottingham and the city is known around the East Midlands for its lively night life.

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