Common Questions

At Clearfirst we understand that burst pipes and mains can be extremely worrying. Stress is caused when a client finds it difficult to identify where the leak is coming from, whether the repair is the householder’s responsibility or should be the responsibility of the landlord. It is not always easy for a client to know whether the problem is their responsibility or is a public highways problem.

Unlike many of our competitors what we provide you with is a complete and final quote for the work, we do not charge by the hour. Communication is a key part of our service and once you accept a quote you will be assigned a qualified team member as your point of contact. We recognise that there may be other questions potential clients may have and some of these are dealt with below.

Q 1. What happens when I contact you?

A. When you contact us to tell us that you have a leak one of our qualified advisors will get some general information and if we can help will offer you a free quotation. If you decide to accept this offer our qualified team will come and assess the situation, decide what is needed and give you a written quote based on that assessment.

Q 2: What does your quote cover?

A. We do not charge by the hour. We make a full assessment of what, in our experience, the job will entail; thereafter it takes as long as it takes. When we give you a quotation that is what you will pay, regardless of how much extra time it might need.

Q.3 How do I know when I am responsible?

A. It’s not always easy for a client to establish whether a leak is their responsibility or a public responsibility. We will be able to assess where the boundaries are and who is responsible for a specific problem – we will also assess whether and how you can claim on your insurance.

Q.4 How do I claim on my insurance?

A: Part of our job is to establish whether there is an insurable loss, i.e. whether the problem should be paid for by your insurance company. We recognise that dealing with insurers can be incredibly difficult for someone who is already stressed by the problem. Once we have established that there is an insurable loss, which we always endeavour to find, we can negotiate with the insurance company so you don’t have to. Part of our promise to you is that we are there to deal with the stress and to help steer you through the problems until the job is complete.

Q.5 My drain is blocked, can you fix it?

A: We are qualified to deal with blocked drains, from a simple rods and plungers job to more complicated obstructions.

Q.6 Do you work with commercial establishments?

A: We work in the public, private and commercial sectors and have often dealt with corporate clients’ problems.

Q.7 How far afield do you offer your services?

A: At the moment we work within the M1 corridor – please see our list of areas and services offered. We hope to expand our services further afield in the future

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