Am I Responsible?

Burst Water Mains Responsibility

Am I Responsible?

There are a number of factors you need to consider when finding out who is responsible for a burst water main, for example, are you a tenant, a landlord or a homeowner? The responsibility can differ depending on your ownership of the property.

If you are a landlord…

… You will generally be responsible for any plumbing issues unless you have stated otherwise in an agreement with the tenant. You may not be responsible for the costs if the tenant has caused the problem.

If you are a tenant…

… then you could potentially be responsible. However, if you are certain that you have not caused the problem and you believe the problem may have existed before you moved in, then you should contact your landlord or a leak detection or water mains replacement specialist to confirm your thoughts. You may be held responsible if you have caused the problem, for example, you have flushed items that should not be flushed. Contacting a specialist to help detect the problem will help you with your responsibility question.

If you are a homeowner…

… then you will be responsible for any issues within the boundaries of your property. The Water Supply Pipe is your responsibility; you may want to check the boundaries of your water supplier, for example, Anglian Water do not take responsibility for Water Supply Pipes that exceed the boundaries of the public highway.

If you have a shared water supply…

… then it is the joint responsibility of everyone who shares that water supply pipe.

You are responsible for the drain and sewer systems on your property. Beyond the boundaries of your property, you are not responsible. Also, any underground water service pipes within the boundaries of a property are the responsibility of the property owner. Anything outside of those boundaries are the responsibility of the water board.

If you are still unsure about whether you are responsible, then you can ask a water mains specialist for advice or you can contact a water board. Either will be able to tell you who is responsible for what and where the issue is located.

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